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Abigail Marie Riley

Actor-- Singer-- Dancer


Dear Abby...

   "Just a kid from Akron"... who isn't Lebron James.


    Abigail Marie Riley is a native of Akron, OH a place known for the Cavs LBJ, Goodyear rubber, and a mean Luigi's pizza. At a young age, Abigail attended Catholic school dabbling in every sport imaginable. At the age of 10, Abigail's parents decided to let her transfer schools to her pursue her love of music and singing.


    Abigail attended an arts school growing up, majoring in voice for eight years. After stumbling into theater her Junior year of high school she decided to pursue a Musical Theater degree joining the MT 2019 family. Abigail is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Musical Theater degree and will graduate in May of 2019.


     During her time in college, Abigail has begun her Regional theater career, expanded her horizons in film, shot a commercial, and became an Equity Membership Candidate. When she isn't cutting music or working on perfecting her double, she's your friendly neighborhood princess at Party People LLC entertaining Birthday parties and events. In addition to sporting tiara's, she also can be seen several nights a week serving tacos, margaritas, and rum flights! Oh, My!


    Go ahead and peruse and see just what Abigail has her hands in next!


Sincerely Me!

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        Abigail Marie Riley


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